The Healthcare and pharmaceutical expert panel during the Dubai Investment Forum: “These are the global pharmaceutical trends that will no doubt leave a major impact on the industry not only globally but regionally as well”, Karim Smaira.


October 17, 2017

The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Experts Panel was held during the Dubai Investment Week.


Genpharm’s CEO, Karim Smaira shared his insights on the global trends in the pharmaceutical industry that are impacting the regional Middle East Pharmaceutical sector.

“Although the Middle East represents less than 3% of global pharmaceutical sales, the region posts growth rates that are higher than the global average growth. This provides opportunities for investors.

With government policies aiming to reduce the dependence on drug imports by supporting the local industry, local manufacturing becomes a key area.

The advances in health data management and technologies such as bio-analytics, bio-informatics, and Robotics offer another key area for investors where improved scientific knowledge and new technologies are creating new avenues for growth”.

The global Pharmaceutical industry has seen rapid and significant changes over the last few years. Most noticeable are:

  1. The growth in the field of precision and targeted medicine. The advances in genetic research and gene therapies will get us closer to curing certain diseases. Scientists are now able t target better their research leads and work on specific disease triggering genes.
  2. The regulatory environment is more stringent, making the conditions for drug approval harder, lengthier and costlier.
  3. The pricing of drugs, especially orphan drugs is currently a hot debate, partly driven by the increased role of payors and reimbursement bodies.
  4. Patient advocacy groups are having a real influence on all stakeholders. They are playing an active role in funding early-stage R&D programs and participating actively in the regulatory process.
  5. The second patent cliff, paving the way for biosimilars that have now a clear approval pathway and generic drugs.

These are the major disputes globally an regionally that will leave an impact on the pharmaceutical industry.