CardioCel® developed by Admedus, is a CE-marked implantable cardiovascular bio-scaffold that can be used to repair congenital heart deformities and more complex heart defects including heart valves, in both pediatric and adult patients.

The CardioCel® device offers the benefits of permanence, healing, regenerative properties and durability once implanted. The CardioCel scaffold is biocompatible, incorporating into recipient tissue with associated cell and microvascular ingrowth without sensitization, irritation or allergenicity.

CardioCel® is engineered via the Admedus Group’s proprietary ADAPT® tissue engineering process to produce a durable, collagen scaffold with handling properties preferred by surgeons that avoids calcification, while supporting native infiltration, growth and differentiation.

CardioCel® will be available in three different sizes: 4 x 4 cm; 5 x 8 cm; and 7 x 14 cm.

The CardioCel® bio prosthetic scaffold device is designed for single use to be permanently implanted by a freehand suturing technique. The device can be trimmed by the surgeon to the required shape and size to fit the patient’s need.

Why is CardioCel® different?

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