Our Partnerships

Our partnerships are carefully thought out as we join forces with likeminded individuals with similar values.

At Genpharm, we have partnered with different biotech pioneers to bring the most innovative therapies and cures to the MENAT Region. These commercial partnerships have motivated us to attain greater heights such as being the first company to bring gene therapy to the MENAT region. We also partner with regional scientific groups and societies to keep up to date with the landscape’s needs and changes.

This reinforces our strong network with KOLs and HCPs to allow us to inform them on the novel therapies we carry within our portfolio. With patient groups only recently becoming active in the region, we make it our priority to collaborate and partner with them on projects. Our patient advocacy efforts have grown throughout the years to validate our value: We always put patients first.

Strategic Partnership

Our commercial partnerships have successfully grown and evolved throughout the years. We are proud to have partnered with some pioneers and giants of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, we also value our partnerships with smaller entities as we have been able to be part of their journey.

We are extremely proud to have built long-lasting relationships with all our partners and with some nearing a decade.