Our Values


Patient Care

  • Bring a sense of urgency and priority to deliver the best healthcare products and services.
  • Demonstrate understanding and Be as Brave as the people we are trying to help.


  • Continuously evaluate and self-assess for continuous improvement.
  • Take ownership and responsibility for individual and team actions.
  • Continuously evaluate and self-assess to be more productive.

Innovative Solutions

  • Challenge common wisdom (What is common is not necessarily right).
  • Use Creativity as a powerful strategic advantage. Our unique solutions position GENPHARM with the customer and differentiate us from competition.
  • Search for new healthcare and pharmaceutical solutions while illustrating our core values.


  • Walk the Talk Inside and Outside the Organization.
  • Be Respectful, Honest and transparent when dealing with others.
  • “We always do the right thing”.
  • “Never apologize for doing the right Thing”.


  • Communicate openly and constructively. Display support for others.
  • Establish performance systems to encourage interdependencies and trust between individual employees.