Genpharm is the proud sponsor of the 1st Paediatric Neurology Society

Genpharm is the proud sponsor of the first Paediatric Neurology Society, taking place March 1-3, 2016.

The agenda focuses on neurological disorders in children and the latest updates in clinical diagnosis and treatment. The experts are expected to cover extensively several topics including, epilepsy, neuro-immunology, neuro-genetics, motor disorders and muscular dystrophies.

Amongst the international speakers, Prof. Carsten Bonnemann, M.D will attend and discuss the topic of “new therapies in Neuro-muscular disease”.

Prof. Bonnemann is an expert in muscle disease. He has completed his residency in paediatric neurology in MGH/Harvard working mainly on molecular genetics and muscular dystrophies. He has been a principal investigator in several major clinical trials and has recently joined the National Health Institute (NHI) to focus on research in the field of neuro-genetics in child neurology.


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