Prenatest® Launched During Rare Disease Day in Bahrain

On the occasion of the Worldwide Rare Disease Day, Genpharm Services, a regional pharmaceutical marketing company providing Market Access in the MENA region, has launched PrenaTest®in Bahrain.

PrenaTest® is the only CE marked non-invasive molecular genetic blood test for the diagnosis of fetal trisomies 21, 28 and 13. It has successfully completed the conformity assessment procedures required for CE marking, thus proven its efficiency in terms of the in-vitro diagnostics directive of the European Union.

Prof. Dr. Magdy Al-Faramawy, M.D. In Obstetric gynecology and Medical Director of Adam Medical centre in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, presented the advances in the field of fetal medicine and the role of Prenatest as a major clinical innovation in the early prenatal diagnosis of the most common fetal abnormalities.

The scientific day aimed at raising awareness on rare and genetic disease was attended by several officials including his Excellency the Bahrain Minister of Health, Dr. Sadig bin AbdulKareem Al-Shehabi and several distinguished reseacrhers.

Prenatest® is currently available in most countries of the Middle East.

For further info and ordering of the kit kindly contact our exclusive representative for Bahrain, Al-Hamer Trading Establishment’s on the below numbers.

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