Medical Experts Gather to Discuss Neuropharmagen and Pharmacogenetic Advances in CNS


Dubai, September 12 2015

Close to forty Neuro-phsychatrists from the GCC met to discuss the latest advances in genetic research and their clinical implementations in the field of Neuro-psychiatry. Genpharm and AB-Biotics organized the meeting entitled “Practical Pharmacogenetics in Psychiatry: Neuropharmagen”.

Neuropharmagen® is a genetic test performed by saliva sample and developed by AB Biotics, Spain, for use in neurology and psychiatry that identifies the safest and most appropriate medication for each individual patient by analyzing their DNA. It provides the most extensive genetic-based information on drug efficacy, metabolism and adverse effects. The test helps reduce the time spent identifying the most effective treatment choices for each patient. This allows positive clinical outcome and better quality of life for patients. This test provides a breakthrough in pharmacogenetics.

Dr. Jordi Espadaler Mazo, the director of Innovation at AB-Biotics provided a presentation on the clinical data and led an interactive session amongst the attendees.



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