Genpharm supports World Multiple Sclerosis Day

Abu Dhabi, June 1st 2013


Genpharm joined the global celebrations for World MultipleSclerosis (MS) Day organized by UAE MSSupport group.

The event was held on Saturday 1st of June 2013 in Abu Dhabi and was attendedby his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Sultan bin Shakhboot Al Nahyan, President of UAE MS support group, number of MS patients and the public.

The objectiveof the event is to present patient’s talentsto increase public awareness regarding MS disease. Several informative bilingual brochures were distributed in addition, group of specialized nurses attended to answer patient’s questions and concerns.

Research figures show MS affects around 25 to 50 people in 100,000 in Arabic populations and about 100 per 100,000 in Northern Europeans who display the highest risk of MS across the world, with prevalence seeming to be on the rise over the last few years.

The UAE Multiple Sclerosis Support group is the first society in the UAE deals with multiple sclerosis patients. It was established on 5th of November 2009. By group of volunteers from different specialties and backgrounds, who took the responsibility of providing clinical and psychological support to all MS patients in UAE and their families, It plays today a major role in providing patients and their families with the necessary information to cope with the disease & it’s management.