Genpharm Innovates at the Emirates Obs-Gyne & Fertility Forum 2012

Dubai (UAE) – Genpharm Services, has made its presence felt at the internationally CME accredited, 2012 edition of the Emirates Obstetrics-Gynecologists and Fertility Forum in Dubai. The Forum gathered several hundreds of the most prominent scientists and physicians from the GCC region.

The three days forum included discussions and presentations covering the latest advances in the field of Obstetrics-Gynecology and Fertility treatments. Genpharm focused on the scientific advances in the field of prenatal diagnosis by presenting Prenatest®, the first non-invasive prenatal test for Trisomy 21, using molecular genetic analysis and next generation sequencing from maternal blood.

The Test is approved in Europe and has generated a wide range of interest from the attendees and the experts alike.

About Genpharm Services

Genpharm Services is a pharmaceutical marketing company, based in the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, UAE. Through evidence based medicine, Genpharm provides healthcare organizations with innovative therapeutic solutions in niche and rare genetic disease areas, market access strategies and sustainable commercial solutions in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

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              “The Genpharm team greets Dubai MOH officials on the Prenatest stand”