Genpharm at Eye for Pharma EM Summit

Genpharm Delivers Keynote Speech at Eye for Pharma EM Summit

Berlin (Germany), November 13, 2012,

Genpharm Services’ CEO, Mr. Karim Smaira, delivered the Middle East and North Africa keynote speech to Pharma executives, attending the Eye for Pharma Emerging Markets Summit, held in Berlin.

More than fifty pharmaceutical executives attended the event to discuss and share insights on the most recent trends, opportunities and challenges in the emerging markets pharmaceutical field.

Karim Smaira, CEO Genpharm

Karim Smaira, CEO Genpharm, addressing the attendees at the EM Eye for Pharma Convention

Karim Smaira addressed these issues with a focused perspective on the MENA region, covering various critical points for companies operating in the region, such as:

The event was highlighted by several roundtable discussions covering Latin America, Asia, Russia and the MENA regions, allowing opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking.