Genpharm Announces New Executive Board

Dubai, January 10th 2015

Genpharm Announces New Executive Board

Following the successful completion of a first financial round and the series A capital raising, Genpharm announces the formation of its new Executive Board.

The new Board will oversee the long-term strategy of the organization and the implementation of the expansion plans.

In addition to the founders, Mr. Karim Smaira and Mr. Kamel Ghammachi, we are pleased to announce the three esteemed members of the Executive Board.

We are excited to put at the disposal of our partners, their wide expertise in senior management, financial services and medical sciences respectively.

Mr. Elmar Schnee

Mr. Rick Pudner

Dr. Samy Ashkar

We take this opportunity to thank our distinguished previous board members for their insights and support in the initial start-up phase of Genpharm.