Genpharm & AB Biotics Partner to Commercialize Neuropharmagen® in MENA

Genpharm Services and AB Biotics have announced today that they have entered into an exclusive agreement for commercialization of their breakthrough pharmacogenetics test Neuropharmagen® in the Middle East region.

Neuropharmagen® is a genetic test used in neurology and psychiatry that identifies the safest and most appropriate medication for each individual patient by analyzing their DNA. It provides the most extensive genetic-based information on drug efficacy, metabolism and adverse effects. The test helps reduce the time spent searching for the most effective treatment choices unique to each patient. This allows positive clinical outcome and better quality of life for patients.

“The Partnership with Genpharm is a step forward to AB-Biotics’ internationalization. After establishing Neuropharmagen® across Europe and Latin America, the alliance with Genpharm represents a perfect opportunity to expand operations in the Middle East region”, says Miquel Angel Bonachera, Co-Founder and Executive Director of AB-Biotics.

“Adding Neuropharmagen® to our portfolio is in line with our strategy to bring innovative solutions to the region. This test is a breakthrough in pharmacogenomics aiding physicians to predict response to medications, and increase the efficiency of treatments for patients”, says Karim Smaira, CEO of Genpharm Services.


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About AB Biotics

AB-BIOTICS is a leading Spanish biotech company. The firm focuses on researching, developing and distributing unique proprietary biotechnology solutions that contribute to improving people’s health and welfare. Thanks to its innovative philosophy and inbred know-how, AB-BIOTICS has a portfolio of cutting-edge products that can both provide health benefits to patients and help reduce healthcare costs.


About Genpharm Services

Genpharm Services is a pharmaceutical marketing company, based in the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, UAE. Through Evidence based medicine, Genpharm provides healthcare organizations with innovative therapeutic solutions, in niche and rare genetic disease areas, market access strategies and sustainable commercial solutions, in the Middle East and North Africa Region.