Sintetica & Genpharm sign Baclofen® agreement for Middle East

Dubai, January 5th 2014

Sintetica,a Swiss pharmaceutical company and a leader in the field of pain management and injectable anesthetics, and Genpharm, a specialty pharmaceutical sales and marketing company, a leader in the niche and rare disease indications, announced today that they have signed an agreement allowing Genpharm to commercialize Baclofen® in the Middle East region.

Baclofen® Sintetica Intrathecal is indicated for patients with severe chronic spasticity originating from Multiple Scelerosis, Trauma or other spinal cord disorders unresponsive to other orally administered antispastic agents and/or for patients that experience serious adverse events from orally administered doses.

Baclofen® Sintetica is available in several concentrations in a “ready to refill” presentation. Baclofen is manufactured in Switzerland under very strict quality standards. It is approved by the Swiss and European authorities based on clinical data on both safety and efficacy of Baclofen® Intrathecal.

“We are very excited to start the year with Baclofen as a significant addition to our portfolio. Our collaboration with Sintetica is another milestone towards delivering Genpharm’s mission of helping patients with few therapeutics alternatives”, said Mr. Kamel Ghammachi, Managing Partner at Genpharm.

About Sintetica Sintetica is a Swiss Pharmaceutical company, founded in 1921 in Chiasso. With more than 90 years experience in development, production and marketing of injectables anesthetics and narcotics, today Sintetica is the leader for pain relief terapy & local anasesthesia. It has several compounds in its pipeline and has a solid recrod in developing, registering and launching new compounds in Switzerland and Europe. Sintetica is in the midst of an expansion plan both in the Swiss and international markets.

About GENPHARM Services Genpharm Services is a pharmaceutical marketing company, based in the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, UAE.

Through Evidence based medicine, Genpharm provides specialty pharmaceutical companies with innovative therapeutic solutions, in niche and rare disease, market access strategies and sustainable commercial solutions, in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

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 Kamel Ghammachi Managing Partner

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