01 February 2013

An Attractive Opportunity for Rare Disease and Healthcare Companies


The MENA region is very diverse, but one thing the countries in this region have in common is that their economies show sustainable emerging markets-type growth.

This growth and contributing socio-economic factors have had a significant impact on the healthcare sector, with governments “investing in healthcare infrastructures, in access to medicine and reimbursement schemes. Moreover, there is a clear trend towards privatizing medical insurance.”

The whitepaper looks at several key topics, including:

  • MENA Socio-Economic characteristics
  • Healthcare Spending and Investment
  • Pharma Market Trends
  • Pharma Brands and Generics
  • Genetic Diseases in the Middle East
  • Intellectual Property Protection Legislation
  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Pricing
  • Orphan Drug  Business Models and Market Access

With an estimated 2.8 million patients suffering from a rare disease in the Middle East region, this truly is an interesting and unique frontier in the rare disease and orphan drug space.

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