Our Departments

Regulatory Affairs

We prepare and timely submit the regulatory files, as well as, answer all related queries to obtain marketing authorization for our principals products. We constantly inform our partners of the changing regulations and processes in the region.

Finance and Accounting

We guarantee effective and efficient financial management to support the company and our principals in achieving their goals. Our Finance and Accounting Department is key in planning, managing, allocating, and controlling financial resources.

Human Resources

We support our team and provide them with appropriate training and tools to maximize their potential and growth. We are adamant on maintaining a culture that supports growth and personal development.

Medical Affairs

We communicate updated medical material to healthcare providers. We engage with our key KOLs and scientific societies throughout the year through various medical activities. We timely answer all medical queries and. We regularly train our Medical Team with the latest medical information and findings.

Strategy and Business Excellence 

We capture market insights and competitive information. We design the right strategies and implement specific activities with the most impact on the life cycle of our products.

Supply Chain

We have robust SOPs in place to ensure timely supplies with the proper specifications and remaining shelflife. We guarantee full traceability and visibility into the movements of our products from our partners to our patients.

Market Access

Our objective is to facilitate access to the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. We work closely with the key access stakeholders designing and implementing innovative solutions such as HTA, PE, and managed access programs.


We ensure that all day-to-day activities adher to legislations and regulations, as well as, guarantee effective programs designed to reduce risk, enhance management controls, and ensure compliance.


We ensure drug safety by monitoring and reporting all adverse effects in line with local regulations. We regularly train all our employees from all departments on how to fulfill their PV responsibilities.


We ensure the highest quality standards. We have a robust set of SOPs covering the shipments, transportation conditions, storage, and distribution of our treatments and therapies.

Communications and Patient Advocacy 

We continuously communicate our key events, meetings, and key milestones to our external audiences. We also share the most important updates in our field. We safeguard one of our three values: We always put patients first.