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Genpharm Services is a financially sound privately owned company based in the Dubai Science Park (DSP), U.A.E. We provide fast-track Market Access to specialty pharmaceutical companies looking to expand into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. We focus on innovative and orphan drugs in areas of unmet medical needs, rare genetic disorders and autoimmune diseases.

Pharmaceutical Strategic Advice

"We also provide Management Consultancy for companies aiming at expanding directly into this dynamic region of high growth. We advise on strategies, structures and operating business models in line with the respective company priorities and portfolio. "

Featured in Life Science Leader Magazine: The MENA Pharma Market an Untapped Opportunity

" By Genpharm’s CEO Karim Smaira"

Under the patronage of HE Dr. Aisha Mubarak Bu Unuq, Genpharm sponsoring the annual Family Day for definition of Genetic Metabolic Diseases in Bahrain

Under the patronage of HE Dr. Aisha Mubarak Bu Unuq Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Children and metabolic diseases team at Salmaniya Medical Complex has the honor to invite you to attend the Family Day for the definition of genetic metabolic diseases.

His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan honoring Genpharm for their role in raising awareness on Rare Diseases and for their contribution on Rare Disease Day

His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture and the development of knowledge, president of the UAE Genetic Diseases Association, honored several specialized experts in rare diseases, as part of the annual Emirates International Award for reducing genetic diseases "rare disease category" in its third session.


United Kingdom, 2016- MEA Markets magazine announces the winners of the 2016 Business Awards. The Middle East & Africa is one of the world’s most diverse business centres, and has become the focus for many companies looking to move into a dynamic and vibrant region brimming with possibilities. The 2016 Business Awards are designed to recognise and reward the truly outstanding work done by the Middle East's and Africa’s most talented, dedicated and experienced businesses, departments and individuals. Tom Jones, Awards Co-ordinator, said: “With these awards we are turning the spotlight on the firms and individuals whose hard work and dedication have helped shape MEA region’s business landscape. It has been a true privilege showcasing the work of these dedicated professionals and their businesses, and I would like to wish them the very best of luck going forward.”

Films from around the world addressing the challenges of life with a rare disease.

The Rare Disease Film Festival is a new event showcasing films from around the world which address the challenges of life with a rare disease. It will be held Oct. 3rd, 2017 in Boston, MA. We believe increased awareness can connect patient families, inspire conversations about translation applications of current science, lead to new paths for research and save lives. These films put the often abstract and dire clinical information into the context of real people living their lives.

Aspire Educational Series: Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD)- Part 14

The severity of the condition, the associated signs and symptoms and the disease progression vary significantly by type. Common features include hypotonia; progressive muscle weakness and degeneration (atrophy); joint contractures; and delayed motor milestones (i.e. sitting up, walking, etc). CMD can affect body organs other than the muscles and bones. This leads to complications, and some can be life-threatening. The symptoms that result include breathing/lung problems, cardiac problems, feeding difficulties, trouble swallowing, including choking or breathing in food or fluid, problems with brain and eye formation, cognitive issues and seizures.

GENPHARM Services - Your Gateway to the MENA Pharmaceutical Market

We are a specialty pharmaceutical marketing and consulting company, providing our strategic partners with fast and sustainable market access into the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region, including business development, in-licensing and more. We operate through evidence-based medicine and the highest ethical standards. Our expertise is based on an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical market and the local business culture. Furthermore, our vast experience and the trusted network of partners allow us to deliver market opportunities for specialty, rare disease, biotech and innovative healthcare organizations.

The MENA region has been experiencing fast economic and sustainable GDP growth. This positive outlook is driven by several factors providing pharmaceutical companies with untapped regional opportunities...
The healthcare sector in the MENA region has been experiencing sustainable double digit growth. Driven by unmet medical needs and increased medical public awareness, governments have been heavily investing in both infrastructure and access
We operate through a holistic market approach. We manage all relevant stakeholders for our partners, including Physicians, Patient groups, distributors and payers. Our expertise include KOL management, advocacy and CME programs..
Genpharm Services is managed by highly experienced Pharma executives. The operations are led by staff with a strong track record in senior leadership roles in multinational pharmaceutical organizations...